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Top10 comical reasons for not paying debts

Cash is an important part of life. The circulation of cash gives birth to two terms, rich and poor. There is an additional course of people awaiting the middle of rich, and also poor, called center course people. For the most part, inadequate, and also middle course individuals need to obtain cash from riches either to meet their basic requirements, occasionally to display, or to maintain their social status. A person can borrow money from either a bank, banks, or an individual. The finance (obtained money) needs to be paid within a specified duration by paying additional as interest. The very first four reasons relate to medical debt. 4-You know why I did not pay you. It is since when I responded to the phone, I listened to a laugh. ( 4) My boy is in the Federal Witness Defense Program; I am not going to permit you to talk with him as it may cost him his life. 7-Oh, I can not pay you this month, as my chequebook dropped in the rain. 8-I have actually dropped the cheque in your name a couple of days back, but it was returned to me by the courier service clarifying that the recipient address is wrong. 9-The debtor says to the business, I was not able to send the cheque because I do not understand your mailing address. 10-I was so active in my job that I failed to remember to pay, much better luck following time.