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Bathroom humor

Unavoidably, the question came up, “What do you provide for a living?” Commonly, I see my spouse cringe with concern, really hoping that the asker has completely prepared themselves for my answer, and maintains an open mind. Neither my partner neitherI are ever humiliated by the truth that we market a bidet bathroom seat. It is also a green item. I would rarely call that funny. I invite the challenge. and are astonished. This only strengthens the lack of expertise combined with societal proneness. Yet, that’s ok. That’s what I’m below for, and also why I enjoy this work. We’re all human, and also appreciate a laugh currently as well as then. A fast search of the internet returns results that I believe are WAY funnier than a toilet bidet seat. Considering that I’m an excellent sport, I believed I would certainly share some restroom humor with you: Yours in Wellness, Bruce P.