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Is there humor in politics?

Wit isn’t a word generally connected with national politics, yet it's there. Abraham Lincoln, one of our most appreciated politicians, was proficient at transforming insults into smiles. In feedback to this activity Attlee asked, “Feeling solitary today, Winston?” “That’s appropriate”, Churchill answered. When Churchill was welcomed by George Bernard Shaw to the opening night of among his plays, Shaw confined a note with the two tickets. The note said, “One on your own and also one for a buddy – if you have one”. To this the moderate Stevenson addressed, “Madam, that’s not good enough. The mayor stated, “I can describe this to you; I can not comprehend it for you”. Legislator Hollings deflected this by claiming, “I’ll take a medication examination if you’ll take an INTELLIGENCE examination”. Finally, when Dan Quayle introduced that he was going to be a pit bull in his war governmental prospect, Bill Clinton, Clinton was asked for his action.