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Weird dog laws

They are also aware of convention and tend to make an effort not to allow their pet dog get in any individual else’s way. But some local, state, and government laws actually triumph when it concerns deciding what is and isn’t appropriate and appropriate habits in relation to canines. In Turin, Italy, all pet proprietors take their dog-walking duties seriously, because if they do not, they will have to pay a penalty. In Shanghai, China, no person can have more than one canine as a pet dog at once. In Oklahoma, UNITED STATES, there is no way you can escape teasing a dog. In fact, you will be detained for making “awful faces” at a pet. A similar provision exists in the awesomely named Typical, Illinois. It is prohibited. I’m unsure what the punishment is. So if you were planning on taking a trip to the veterinarian by taxicab, you far better reconsider. In Rock, Colorado, you can not possess an animal as a pet. Liberty of assembly does not appear to apply to canines in Oklahoma, also if the state does appreciate their emotional sensitivity, as discussed over. Canines residing in Ohio have much more to be afraid. Or maybe it’s just because they are so widespread as family pets nowadays, so they stay on people’s minds.