5 Сhill Diet Treats To Get The Metabolism Going

Did you know that eating ice-cold food helps boost the metabolism as the body has to warm it up thus spending an extra amount of energy to make the thermogenesis happen? Yay! Apparently, ice-cream can be considered a legit diet product. As long as it features healthy ingredients, of course. So, how does one enjoy a bowl of the dessert without worrying about pounds and inches? Listen up: we’ve got 5 easy-to-follow recipes to jazz up your diet.

Banana sorbet

Ingredients: bananas, milk, sweeteners (optional)

Banana ice-cream

Bananas are super beneficial for your health, aren’t they. Which means that this super easy-to-make banana sorbet won’t do your thighs any harm either. What you have to do is just cut the banana in 3-4 chunks and leave them for at least 2 hours in the freezer. You’ll need a food processor for the next step – make sure yours is powerful enough to process frozen foods. You can also add some milk – coconut milk if you like – to make the sorbet a bit smoother and if the banana wasn’t ripe enough you might want to blend in some stevia, agave syrup or honey. Adding peanut butter, nuts and dried fruit will make the sorbet even tastier, but hey! Don’t you care about those extra calories? Sorry, you’d better put those down.

Tropical frozen yogurt

Ingredients: banana, pineapple, mango, kiwi, yogurt, honey (optional)

Frozen yogurt

This time we’ll do it in a different way. This time we’ll blend the fruit first. Peel the fruit and cut them into bits small enough to fit into the blender. Now add the yogurt and some honey if you have that big of a sweet tooth and blend the ingredients till the texture is smooth. Pour the mixture into a freezer-friendly bowl and leave it in the freezer for 3 to 5 hours depending on how thick the layer is. You can also use silicone molds to speed up the process. The easiest way to get the yogurt out of the bowl or mold, by the way, is by running it under hot water for just a few seconds.

Dairy-free green tea ice-cream

Ingredients: green tea, hot water, 1 yolk, 2 whites, sweetener

Green tea ice-cream

Actually, you can make any of the recipes on the list dairy-free if you are OK with ice-cream that doesn’t have much body. This one, though, contains egg yolks and whites, which makes for a rather custardy consistency. First off, you’ve got to brew tea the way you normally would except you’ll want to use less hot water – just about 2 oz. Now it’s time to whisk the yolk and beat the whites stiff having added some sweetener to them before you start whipping. When the tea has cooled down start folding it in, along with the yolk. Stir carefully not to knock all the air out. You know the rest – just put it into molds and let it freeze for 3 to 5 hours.

Whey protein ice-cream

Ingredients: whey protein, milk, cocoa (optional)

Protein ice-cream

This one is a real gem for those who work out on a regular basis as it is high in protein and contains little sugar – if you don’t add any. It’s gonna taste its best if you own an ice-cream maker to do all the hard work for you. You just shake it up, pour it in and enjoy the dessert. Have no ice-cream maker at hand? Well, you can always freeze the cocktail the way it is. Even though the consistency isn’t gonna be as creamy as it could you can make it up with toppings, fruit and berries. Use them in moderation, though. We’re trying to lose some weight here, aren’t we.

Berry sorbet

Ingredients: frozen berries, banana, grapefruit (optional), honey (optional)

Berries sorbet

Some would say berries would be better off on their own and you can actually blend them along with honey and get a delicious sorbet. Adding banana, however, will help create more body and make the dessert a bit smoother, so it’s pretty much up to you whether to have it in your sorbet or not. Note that while the berries have to be frozen, the banana can be both depending on the texture you’re aiming for. Just blend the ingredients together – and the sorbet is ready to be served! Need serving ideas, too? Why not go for some pistachio flakes, loose granola or chocolate crumbs.

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Written by Mary Harrow

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