Aromatherapy At Home: Make The Most Of Those Scented Candles And Sachets

What does home smell like to you? Is that your adorable dog? Favorite tuna and egg salad? Your lovely baby son or daughter? Well, all of these things are integral parts of your life, but let us level with you – they become sources of unwanted odors more often than not. If you’re striving to keep the air crisp and fresh here are some tips we’ve got for you to share.

Scented oils

Picking the safest way

Perfume sprays might be a perfect quick fix, but it would be a stretch to call them safe deodorizers, even though some of them have relatively decent ingredient lists. The problem with the latter is that they might cost a pretty penny and the cheaper ones smell nothing like real citrus or pine. They don’t benefit the quality of air either, and it’s a bit unsettling to realize that you breathe these microscopic chemical particles every time you spray it around.

Scented gels – the ones you have to remove a foil lid from – normally beat sprays in two ways: a) – they feature more subtle scents and b) – you won’t have to reach for them every time you want to use them. Too bad there’re just as few natural ingredients in them as in perfume sprays so if you want something that does contain essential oils this is not an option.

Fragrant air filters might work OK, but you’ve got to buy the air purifier slash sanitizer slash humidifier first and a good one will definitely cost more than a couple of bucks. Besides, you’ll have to pay even more to get the all-natural filters and if you don’t you’ll just vent another bunch of chemicals all around your place with no one else to blame but you.

Incense sticks should not be reserved for meditation and yoga only as they are probably the cheapest natural home scent you can find. They’re just wood chips coated in binding powder soaked with oils, so no chemicals are involved. Just give it a try and you’ll see there’s something hypnotizing about the way smoke trickles up in spirals and then dissolves in the air.

Incense sticks

Essential oils are both fun and safe – no wonder they make the best home scents ever! You can get a ceramic oil burner or just add a few drops into the water and spray it around whenever you feel like it. There’re essential oils in sachets and potpourri, too, as they help them last longer and make the smell more intense.

Choosing the right scent

Some essential oils amp you up, while others have the opposite effect on your psyche. Knowing which scent is good for what is crucial when you choose oil for a particular spot in your house.

  • Hall – fights bacteria, sanitizes. Oil – tea tree.
  • Workplace – helps get focused, amps you up. Oil – rosemary, lemon, peppermint.
  • Bedroom – helps take your mind off troubles, helps fall asleep faster. Oil – lavender. Creates sensuous atmosphere. Oil – rose, sandalwood, ylang-ylang.
  • Bathroom – helps fight sleepiness, wakes you up in the morning. Oil – bergamot, sage. Helps get relaxed, calms you down. Oil – jasmine, fir.
  • Living room – sets the mood for having fun and socializing. Oil – cinnamon, clove, orange.
  • Kids’ room – shouldn’t cause headaches and allergic reaction. Oil – any of the above in much smaller amounts and only after you’ve consulted your physician on the issue.

Tips and tricks

There’re a few things you should bear in mind, though:

  • Incense scents are pretty strong and distinctive, so it would be a good idea to get a trial set first to see which ones you like and which ones smell weird to your taste.
  • Keep in mind that essential oils should be used moderately and exceeding the amount of just a few drops twice or 3 times a week might cause headaches and even result in insomnia.
  • Don’t mix more than 3 kinds of essential oils in one burner, and when you do mix 2 or 3 of them make sure the ways they influence the nervous system don’t contradict each other.
  • If you want to use home scents in order to fight unwanted odors you’ve got to find and deal with the source first. Otherwise, it won’t help much.
  • In households where it’s impossible to eliminate the source – like when it’s your dog or cigarette smoke – it’s recommended to use a damp cloth and wet or steam floor cleaner instead of just vacuuming and dusting the shelves. You can also consider using vacuum cleaner fresheners in this case.
  • Aroma stone diffusers are great for some quality relaxation time in a hot tub. The smell will get more intense as the temperature goes up.
  • Dried herbs and plants that are used to make potpourris and sachets, will come in handy with closets and drawers, giving your clothes and badware just a hint of fragrance.

Vent the room thoroughly before using essential oils, don’t forget to change the scent from time to time and don’t forget to consult your physician if you want to use essential oils when pregnant.



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