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Top10 comical reasons for not paying debts

Cash is an important part of life. The circulation of cash gives birth to two terms, rich as well as poor. On the various other hand, an individual that battles to make both ends fulfill is called poor. An individual can borrow money from either a bank, financial institution, or an individual. The loan (obtained money) has to be paid within a given duration by paying added as interest. Suppose you have to pay a medical financial obligation and you are not ready for it. ( 1) My will certainly does not permit anyone to take me to the health center, however they put me in the ambulance and took me to the hospital, though I told them that I did not need to go. That is the only reason that I am not paying my financial debts. It is since when I addressed the phone, I listened to a laugh. 7-Oh, I can not pay you this month, as my chequebook dropped in the rain. 8-I have gone down the cheque in your name a few days back, but it was sent back to me by the messenger solution clarifying that the recipient address is wrong. Please inspect your address, as well as educate me. 10-I was so busy in my work that I failed to remember to pay, much better luck next time.