Handmade Furniture Handles: Give Your Furniture A New Life

Let’s have a look at a few examples on how to make furniture handles of children’s toys with your own hands

Furniture handles for drawers and lockers’ doors are an important element of furniture design. Of course, apart from their obvious functional role, the handles may be a decoration of the furniture, its bright and unusual accent which can change the overall perception of a dresser or bedside table. Let’s have a look at a few examples on how to make furniture handles of children’s toys with your own hands.

Handmade Furniture Handles from the Whole Toys

Small plastic or rubber children’s toys are an excellent material for decor and handicrafts. You can make unique furniture handles of toys for a children’s room. And not only for children’s room. Such avant-garde option for furniture handles will fit the modern interior of a bedroom or living room, especially if they have elements of pop art culture.

Necessary tools and materials:

  • Children’s needless toys made of plastic, wood or rubber;
  • Glue;
  • Bolts, washers, and screws;
  • Spray paint;
  • Drill.

Step 1. Determine where the back of the handle will be placed. Mark a point on the back of the handle where you are going to drill the hole.

Step 2. Using a drill of a suitable size, slowly and accurately drill a hole only on the back of the toy, not through it! If plastic is very tight, use a drill with a small diameter first, and then make the hole larger.

Step 3. If you want, paint the toys with spray-paint. You can leave their natural colors what is more suitable for a children’s room.

Step 4. Apply a lot of glue suitable for gluing different surfaces on the end of the bolt. Leave it for 3-5 minutes, and then gently push the bolt into the hole until it stops. Apply glue to the surface of the toy around the hole and bolt. Leave the handle until the glue dries completely.

Step 5. Attach the handle to the drawer’s door using washers and screws. Remember that such handles are not suitable for heavy loads. If you have a large oak chest with drawers where you store some heavy items, then, apparently, such light handles won’t be suitable for that.

Furniture Handles of Halves of Toys

If the first option is suitable for hollow figures, then the second one is ideal for solid rubber toys which can be cut into halves.

Necessary tools and materials:

  • Solid rubber toys;
  • Glue;
  • Self-tapping screws;
  • Sharp knife or cutter;
  • Drill.

Step 1. Cut the toy into two parts. Try to keep the cut smooth.

Step 2. Drill a thin hole 2-4 cm deep in the toy.

Step 3. Apply some glue to the slice of the toy including the hole. Then attach the handle of the toy to the drawer using a self-tapping screw. The handle will be fixed with glue and a self-tapping screw.

The same method may be used for interior doors.

Furniture Handles Made of Toys

Source: handmadeidea.com.ua

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