Top-10 Unusual Instagram Accounts

Have a look at the most unusual Instagram accounts whose owners are balancing between genius and insanity.

It’s difficult to say where the edge between genius and insanity lies, but the owners of the following pages clearly have both: sometimes they make us laugh or confuse us and almost always offer a new perspective of reality. So, let’s dive into the atmosphere of surrealism and creativity with unusual Instagram accounts.


In his photographs, Hugo Castro plays with hands, soil, and various red objects (from rose to pencil). Using just a few household items that are not valuable to us, he creates highly emotional pictures. It’s so laconic, furious, and deep.


An unusual Instagram account of Luis Octavio Costa (@kitato) is dedicated to the bizarre geometry of the street space in which people and architecture merge in unexpected images, changing views about streets and representatives of the human race.



Minimalism and surrealism are perhaps the two peculiar characteristics of this Instagram. In addition to that, it has an infinite number of geometric masks and flat isolated houses which resemble paintings.



What happens in a woman’s mind? Anything, but not any lady is ready to present the figment of her unbridled imagination to the public eye. But it’s not the case with Teresa: her Instagram is a gentle combination of nostalgia, fantasy, and reality, and she generously shares them with us.



Wandson Lisboa is a gastronomic dreamer with a very specific sense of humor. The food turns into objects of reality, and the objects of reality into something even more bizarre. You will definitely feel perplexity with banana flavor.



Daniel overinterprets lives of cartoon and fairy-tale heroes. It looks touching and comic. But do not underestimate @dcerejo – in addition to “toy” photos, he has a whole series of works, in which he greatly rethinks the space and a human in it. In any case, it’s interesting to observe the stream of his thoughts.




@belilabelle doesn’t have one theme; her photos are the embodiment of a free flight of fantasy, which creates more and more new images. @belilabelle says that sometimes she is afraid to lose the sense of reality. However, it seems, it’s too late to worry about it.



Ibrahim Hammada, a Syrian physician, is an amazingly creative person. It seems that he finds inspiration in everything: architecture, design, street doors, chicken eggs, and dried flowers… Life as it is as a sharp-eyed doctor sees it.



It’s a creative Instagram account in pastel colors. Any photo made by Anna is a fun life story. What is her account different from others? It is the ability to notice unobvious things and establish the hidden links between them. Sometimes photos are made for fun, but nevertheless, they are not less interesting.



The main source of inspiration for Aurel is a color play. Her Instagram account gleams with different colors, and everything that comes to hand may become an art object. The main thing is to know which side to approach the object – but, perhaps, in her art, she has no fellow.


Written by Andy Burtholme

EmDm lover from Ramsgate, Kent. Occasionally writes an article or two and share a little biographical information to fill out his profile, and it may be shown publicly. When he's not writing posts, he probably gathers another compilation of animals, which he adores.

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